FNF Custom Cover Project

FNF Custom Cover Project

Your Team. Our Cover.

Part Fundraiser. Part Keepsake.

The Custom Cover Project gives your school the opportunity to receive its own customized editions of FNF Tampa Bay magazine.

Schools make $2,000 profit or more with the Custom Cover Project by selling the magazines and advertising. You keep 100 percent of the revenue generated.

Here is what your school receives:

  • Customized front cover featuring your team
  • Back cover to utilize for advertising or additional photos
  • 200 copies of the magazine (with the option to buy more)
  • A full-page team preview
  • Fundraising sale sheets and an online store to assist your fundraising efforts

The all-inclusive, flat-rate cost for this program is $950.

Your Team Receives a Full Page Team Preview
FNF Team Preview

For schools that sign up for the Custom Cover Project, we have a very special bonus — a FULL PAGE TEAM PREVIEW which will appear in both the FNF area wide edition and your custom edition. This full page team preview (pictured) will be chock full of information on your team. Our team will work with you to write and design this special page.

Coaches Testimonials
“The thing that’s so unique about this publication is it’s informational for people who are passionate about high school football. So we have our players on the cover, and we have a preview with action shots and our schedule on the inside. But there’s also in-depth coverage on all of the teams across the state. It’s a great memento for high school families and parents. It’s so well done and so professional, it’s a hard thing to duplicate.”

Coach Matthew DiBernardo
Oak Hall High School
“I went to several places around town – peanut producers, insurance companies, restaurants. Everybody was real supportive of the school and students. I don’t think anybody told me no. Some told me they’d think about it. When they got back to me, I told them all of the ads were sold. It wasn’t real challenging. Our community gets behind our school activities.”

Coach Steve Heryford
Seagraves High School
What you receive:
Custom Cover Project

Your team on the front cover of FNF magazine

FNF Team Preview

Full-page team preview that appears in the newsstand edition

FNF Custom Cover Project

Copies of the magazine with your special edition cover shipped to your school

FNF Custom Cover Project

The back cover of the magazine to use for team promotions or to generate revenue with sponsor ads


There are three ways for your team to participate in the Friday Night Football Custom Cover Project:

Magazines Presold by Team

No up-front cost: The football team will pre-sell the magazines using the provided order forms or through a custom-built webpage.

Magazines Purchased by Sponsor

Paid up-front by a booster: The team will secure a local business to underwrite the cost of purchasing the magazines

Magazines Sold at Your Games

Paid up-front by the team: The team will buy the magazines outright and sell them for a profit when the season begins

FNF Will Help You Sell Your Magazines!
Team Sales Page

Custom Web Page

FNF magazine will build an online store for your magazine sales. This one-page website will allow supporters from all over the country to purchase your special edition magazine by credit card or PayPal. The FNF team will even mail those copies from its main headquarters, saving you the time of mailing them from your school.

Team Sales Page

Traditional Order Forms

FNF Order Forms. FNF will send your school preprinted order forms for your players to use to secure their orders. Players can use these forms to organize orders for you.

New for 2020: Digital Editions

In addition to receiving 200 copies of the magazine, participating schools also receive a digital edition of their custom magazine which includes your team on the front cover and your back cover.

View 2019 Examples Below

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