Begin Designing
So you’re ready to start customizing your pages? Great! Follow the steps below to select, gather and submit your materials. After you send your materials, our designers will review them, then contact you to begin the design process. We will work closely with one contact person representing each team. All of the pages will be proofed and approved by that contact person before we hit “print.” Let’s begin!

1. Tools for Organizers

These documents are vital to the pre-design process. Reviewing them will save loads of time down the line, so please share them with the appropriate people.

2. Checklist

Use this list to ensure you’ve gathered all the necessary materials before beginning the design form in the next step.

   School or team logo

   Photo for cover

   Collage photos and game schedule (if applicable)

   Completed ads (if applicable)

   Completed “Design Your Own” pages (if applicable)

   All photos for photo pages (if applicable)

   Contact information for your team representative

If you have any questions about the above materials, please feel free to contact your consultant, or send us a quick messsage.

3. Submit Materials
Ok, so you’ve decided which layouts to use and gathered all the necessary materials, let’s begin designing!

Using the design form below, you will be able to create an account so you can login and submit the materials at your convenience.

Once you’ve completed the form, our design team will be notified. They will review all materials and contact you to discuss the layout.

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